Mobile Security in the Cloud

I found the blog posting called Embed or Empower? by Rik Ferguson very interesting.

Now granted, he works for Trend Micro, so taking shots at McAfee is to be expected. But I find his argument compelling. Are we really going to move to hardware based security as Intel clearly believes in their purchase of McAfee? Is that the best model?

Read Rik’s blog and let me know what you think.


One Response to Mobile Security in the Cloud


    I think this is a good point. The traditional view of keeping the hardware lean and putting services (including security) in the software has worked. This modular structure works because it allows for the rapid evolution of technology. As long as a module’s defined entry and exit points stay consistent, the logic of the component can change, yet remain in the structure. By trying to tighten a bond between the hardware and the security service, it constrains both.

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